Rising taxes

Dear Editor:Bellflower and all city voters: you are going to be hit with six new money-stealing measures - from your wallets and purses - all at one time on Nov. 6. The Bellflower Unified School District wants to levy a $50 parcel tax per $100,000 valuation on your property forever. Renters beware too; you will pay it also as the landlords will pass it on to you too. They're not Santa Claus. The city wants two cents added to the five cent utility tax you are now paying. Then there is Gov. Jerry Brown's sales tax hike. The state gas tax is 50 cents per gallon. The federal tax is 18 cents per gallon. It's a huge shame that the education system that now gets more than 50 percent of all money collected from residents by the state can't run a school system properly while the entire state has to run with the remainder money collected to pay for everything required by the people. Schools' claim that it's for the children is a lie. They're doing it to the kids because that's who inherits all prior taxes passed by federal, state, county, cities and districts combined. What an inheritance. This is before the kids earn a dime for themselves. Schools never have enough loot, cry babying every election for more, more, more - for producing large failures. These legal robberies are now done with representation from uncaring career politicians. Greed fits a lot of them with unrestrained power and arrogance. Please vote no to all money-grab schemes. Don't reward failure. Your kids will thank you. Joe Cvetko Bellflower

********** Published: October 11, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 26