Rock-a-Hula dance a fitting end

DOWNEY - Balloon palm trees and Luau-style decorations engulfed Bear Alley at Warren on June 12 for the last dance of the year, Rock-a-Hula."Rock-a-Hula was so much fun," said senior Johanna Garcia. "For being the last dance of the year it was really a great way to end my senior year!" Seniors were given the chance to spend their final weekend of high school with their fellow Bears at this casual but anticipated dance. Although not all of the seniors attended, those students that did attend seemed to enjoy their time and spent the night dancing away in the outdoor dancing arena. "Rock-a-hula made my hula rock, literally!" said senior Jennifer Mora, while laughing. "I just went with friends, but I danced the entire time." Tickets started at merely $5, and prices progressively increased as the day of the dance neared closer, and ultimately ended at $30 for entry. "I had an amazing time at Rock-a-Hula this year," said junior Chelsea Vinas. "The D.J. was great and the decorations made the environment feel as if you were on the beach. It was such a fun way to end the year especially with the seniors!" Photography was also available at the photo booth, where students took pictures with friends and dates in a sunset background. Pictures were available to take home within the night, making it quite a convenience for many of the students. As for clothing attire, many students dressed to fit according to the Luau theme. With entrance into the dance, students were presented with a lei of their choice, in spirit of the theme. Hawaiian-prints and beach-casual outfits were scattered throughout the mass of dancing students. It has also been a trend for students, whether going with friends or dates, to match in attire. Of course, most students showed up in whatever they could throw on and just wanted to dance. "The dance started off sort of slow, but then all of our friends got there and it ended up being one of the funnest dances of the year!" said junior Julie Ledesma. There was some concern that there would not be enough attendees at Rock-a-Hula, as there had not been enough attendees at Spring Fling, but concerns vanished as a burst of students walked in fashionably late to the dance. By the conclusion of the night, a sizeable crowd was gathered in Bear Alley, dancing to the last song of the night: "Teach Me How to Dougie." Rock-a-Hula was, as in the past, yet another successful event, particularly in providing the class of 2010 one additional chance to bond before the final graduation on Saturday, June 17.

********** Published: June 17, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 9