Rocket launcher seized from Paramount home

PARAMOUNT - Sheriff's gang detectives seized a rocket launcher, handgun, silencer, ammunition for an assault weapon, body armor and suspected methamphetamine after conducting search warrants in Paramount, Compton and Long Beach on Wednesday.The rocket launcher, which appears to be an anti-tank military weapon, was designed to be fired only one time and cannot be reloaded. It was deemed inoperable by arson detectives, who found it at a home in Paramount. It lacks a serial number, meaning its origins may never be determined. Detectives arrested Jose Gutierrez, 30, of Paramount, for illegal possession of a rocket launcher and other weapons, as well as drug charges. Jimmy Regalado, 25, also of Paramount, was arrested for possession of meth for sales. Armando Nunez, 34, of Long Beach, was arrested for illegal possession of ammunition and vandalism. The final suspect, Jorge Galvan, 29, of Paramount, was arrested for an outstanding warrant. All four are gang members, authorities said. County oficials removed two young children from the Paramount Home while SEAACA removed "several" pitbull puppies from the same address.

********** Published: June 21, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 10