LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rooftop concert

Dear Editor: Downey did it again!

Downey’s final rooftop Cuban-themed concert, “Havana Nights,” was anything but laid back. After enjoying the previous month’s show (Mexico as the theme), my wife and I decided to attend. With portable lawn chairs in hand, we were off.

When we arrived on the top floor of the downtown parking structure, I was amazed that it was nearly half full with individuals ranging from toddlers to seniors and that was 45 minutes before the show started. As we found a spot to claim, I could not help but think of what a great venue it was – on a rooftop with clear skies, a 360 degree view of not only our beautiful city but that of other surrounding cities with the San Gabriel Mountains as a backdrop. Beautiful.

With the concert underway, headed by a 10-piece Cuban band, La Charanga Cubana, it was literally impossible for anyone to sit idle in their seats. If one was not tapping their feet to the rhythm or clapping their hands, they were on the dance floor, me included, with couples who no doubt were either in their 70s or 80s.

If that was not enough, Porto’s had Cuban sandwiches for sale as well as other vendors selling their goods.

Besides a fun-filled family evening of seeing old friends or making new ones, the night was also one of support for local causes. During the program, 50-50 raffle tickets were sold with half of the proceeds benefiting the Downey Rose Float Association; there was also a beer/wine garden with portions of their proceeds going to breast cancer awareness.

Downey, you not only did it again, I hope you do it again. With most entertainment taking place on weekends, having something like this midweek sure broke up life’s monotony. Thanks!

Scott York Downey



Published: Oct. 30, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 29