Rotary Club adds youth programs

DOWNEY-Warren High was the first and only high school in Downey to have an Interact Club. Until now.This year the Downey Rotary Club has started its sponsorship of two new additions to its Interact program. Both are from Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, the first one called the OLPH Interact Club, while the other is known as the OLPH Youth Act Club. They are components of the Rotary Club's New Generations Avenues of Service program, which addresses the needs of the community's youth, and both mirror the Downey Rotary Club. Membership in the Rotary's Interact Clubs consists of high school students, while that of Youth Act Clubs is confined to elementary school kids. In their brief existence, the new OLPH clubs are said to have achieved a combined membership of more than 40 members, and the number is growing. Downey Rotary Club president Ingrid Martin said getting the young people involved in the community has always been one of Rotary International's emphases, as the young are the "future of our community." As a further spur, Downey Rotary has donated $1,000 each to its three young affiliates.

********** Published: October 28, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 28