Russian mysteries

Dear Editor:The Columbia Memorial Space Center is having a so-called Mission Day on Dec. 23 from 1-3 p.m. called "Mission to the Moon." Fee is $10 for non-members. On the following day they should have a program called "Why Didn't the Russians Ever Go to the Moon." It was a space race, right? Russia put the first satellite, the first man, the first woman, the first to send two or more around the Earth. But they did not beat NASA to the moon. Why not? Why would Russia stop the so-called space race all at once? Why didn't Russia continue and go to the moon? If NASA could allegedly do it, why didn't Russia do it? Or maybe they did try and a tragedy happened. Russia has been completely silent about the moon race altogether for all these years, which is kind of mysterious. I hope the truth will come out someday but I doubt it. -- Mike Sandoval, Downey

********** Published: December 22, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 36