RV owners warned of sewage effects

RV owners enjoying the great outdoors this summer are being reminded by county officials to properly dispose of sewage waste at permitted sewage disposal facilities.Sewage waste is harmful to the environment when it enters local waterways, officials said, and it is illegal to dump sewage into a street gutter. Dumping sewage on the ground may also contaminate groundwater supply, officials from the county's public works department said. Officials recommended that RV owners call designated sewage disposal sites and get information on fees and disposal times. Public works officials also offered the following tips to prevent stormwater pollution: •Do not put anything in street gutters and catch basins but rainwater. •Put trash in its place. Recycle bottles and cans and never drop cigarette butts or other litter on the ground. Street gutters filled with trash and green waste increase neighborhood pollution and clog storm drains, causing street flooding, as well as health and safety issues for residents. •Pick up after your pet. Pet waste left on the ground can wash into storm drains and contaminates beaches and other bodies of water. Proper disposal of pet waste also helps protect pets and humans from disease. Improper pet waste disposal is against the law and pet owners who disregard the county ordinance may be fined. •Use a car litter bag. Keep a car litter bag in your car to collect trash. Throw the litter bag in a trash can to help keep litter off the streets. •Be smart when you apply pesticides or fertilizers. Do not apply pesticides or fertilizers before it rains and do not over-water after application. Always read the label and apply only the amount recommended.

********** Published: July 17, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 13