Saab supporters

Dear Editor:I am pleased to support Alex Saab for Downey's 4th District city council race next Nov. 2. If you don't already know Alex, please ask around because others you know surely do. Alex is exactly what Downey needs right now. He is both intelligent and sincere, and has an earnest desire to give back to his community. As an elected official representing northeast Downey (most of District 4), I know Alex will be committed to tackling the challenges of our community. Downey is a great place, but we can always be better. Alex is just the person to roll up his sleeves and make things better for all Downey residents. -- Willie Gutierrez, Board member, DUSD board of education

Dear Editor: I encourage everyone to let their voices be heard, and vote Nov. 2. I am supporting Alex Saab for Downey City Council, District 4. Alex is the most qualified candidate, and will bring his small business experience, plus professional expertise, to the council for the benefit everyone in Downey. In these challenging economic times, it is more important than ever to have business-minded people in City Hall who will fight not only for our residents, but for our business community. Alex knows and understands the needs of our city, and will represent District 4 well. -- Roy Beard, Downey

Dear Editor: As a Downey resident of more than 27 years, I see the importance of having the right people in the office of the city council. The time has come for some new blood, which reflects the real needs of the residents of the city of Downey, without any personal gain. After carefully reviewing what the different candidates stand for, I believe that Mr. Alex Saab is most suited for the job at hand. There are many challenges facing our city these days, and it is my opinion that Mr. Saab has adequately outlined some of these challenges and has come up with useful and intelligent ideas to create solutions and implement some very necessary and yet practical changes. The citizens of Downey will tremendously benefit from his innovative ideas, which include, but are not limited to: Improving the business policies, as well as providing a more business-friendly atmosphere at city hall, which will result in more jobs for our city. Deal more efficiently and speedily with any kind of criminal activity in order to provide a safe environment for all citizens. Put children, senior citizens and families first when developing policies. Being visible to the people, keeping the promises made, so that integrity and trust in local government will be restored. As many might agree with me, this is not a time for career politicians, but rather for concerned long-time citizens to get involved in the welfare of our community. What we need is a real person, with real and practical ideas that will benefit all the citizens of Downey for a long time to come. Mr. Saab, whom I personally know to be a person of integrity, with an honest sense of community, and a real desire to service, will do an awesome job in representing the citizens of our beloved town. -- Dr. John Kaddis, Downey

********** Published: October 28, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 28