Sandra Salazar seeking second term on Cerritos College board of trustees

NORWALK – As she campaigns for reelection, Cerritos College Board of Trustee Member Dr. Sandra Salazar says that this is still more to be done. 

Salazar currently sits in the Cerritos Community College Board of Trustee seat for Area 6. She was initially elected in 2012.

Salazar says she considers the past term to be a success, however “[there’s still] a lot of work to be done; change is slow.”

“We’ve created the first community task force to bring more public input into the college. We’ve championed student success initiatives – we had the largest graduating class this past year. And we passed a community benefits agreement, which would mean more apprenticeship opportunities for students, more jobs locally, more tax dollars in the district,” said Salazar. “So I think it’s been successful, [but] definitely more to be done.”

Salazar officially filed for re-election earlier this month. This will be her second term if reelected.

Salazar says that it’s the statistics in her district that keep her motivated in her bid for a return to her seat on the Board. Not surprisingly, it ties in with her ultimate goal of student success.

“Only 13% [of students] come college math and English ready, and that’s unacceptable,” said Salazar. “So you can imagine how much work is to be done in terms to improve those numbers.

“…The main goal of why we’re there is to make sure students succeed – whether it means obtaining a certificate or transferring to a four year institution – community college creates these pathways into the middle class for these students…”

The election will take place in early November.