Save Gourmet Cafe

Dear Editor:When I‚Äàheard Gourmet Cafe was being phased out to be replaced with smaller food places, it brought to me what will be a big loss to many young and old residents in Downey. I used to ride a bus from southwest L.A. to visit a friend and we used to stop at the same place. Frank might of been a cook or maybe not. Frank and Rita, the owners, are two people who have a very caring way about their customers, such as pricing affordable specials, not over-salting, making adjustments to replace something like fruit or cottage cheese to suit their diet. When going there they make you feel welcome and a special person. Even the waiters and waitresses do the same. I have talked to people who say they will have to go out of Downey to find affordable and good food. It is a shame as this place seems to be the last good home-cooked family place left in Downey. Let's keep this place, where we can meet with our friends in a place where everyone is a friend. -- Bonnie Gauthier, Downey

********** Published: October 14, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 26