School bullying

Dear Editor:I'm writing to you to bring attention to the serious problem of bullying that is happening at East Middle School. My son has been targeted by bullies throughout his years at East with little or no consequences to the kids doing it, which is why they keep doing it. I'm sure I can't possibly be the only parent that's in this same situation. In the last couple of weeks I have grown frustrated dealing with school administrators trying to resolve an incident where my son was punched at school. I have made it clear that I would like consequences for the bully and also a sit-down meeting with the parties involved, the parents and the teachers. My requests have been turned down and I've only been offered a meeting with the teacher. The student who punched my son got a verbal reprimand and nothing else. When I asked whether or not his parents were even contacted I was told they couldn't release any information because it's confidential. I feel that this bully and his parents are being protected while my son who has endured this for years gets no protection at all. My son is a good student. He's an honor student and takes part in various clubs at school. All he wants is "to be left alone." This ongoing problem has caused him tremendous stress, anxiety and embarrasement. I'm sure there's other parents who are facing the same problem. As we've all seen recently in the media this is a serious problem that affects all schools regardless of geographical area or social standing. I believe our schools are not doing enough to deal with the problem, and as parents I think it's time we unite and demand that more be done to protect our kids. I know my letter may not be well received, and some people will say "well your kid nees to 'man up'" or "the schools can't baby-sit your child". But the truth is that our children shouldn't have to stress about going to school or be afraid or embarrased. And honestly I don't really care about public opinion because as a mother I can tell you it's heartbreaking to see your child suffer to such an extent that he gets no rest, even when he sleeps, because of the nightmares. If you think this can't happen to your child....think again. If they're a little too thin, a little too fat, too short, too tall, too smart...anything will trigger bullying. And as we've learned with the Phoebe Prince case, the results can be tragic. - Claudia Nieto, Downey

********** Published: April 30, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 2