SEAACA to canvas city for dogs

DOWNEY - The City Council on Tuesday tapped SEAACA to canvas the city to ensure that residents are properly licensing their dogs.According to the Downey Municipal Code, all dogs ages 4 months and older must be licensed. The city contracted with SEAACA (Southeast Area Animal Control Authority) in 1976 to handle licensing services. Councilman Luis Marquez requested the canvassing effort, which is normally done in the city every five years. The last canvass was completed in 2007. The canvassing effort will cost Downey up to $53,650 but the city expects to recoup the cost through new animal licenses. "The most significant benefit to licensing as many dogs as possible is to protect and improve the public's health and safety," finance director John Michicoff wrote in a staff report, adding that dog owners must show proof of vaccinations. SEAACA could begin canvassing the city as soon as next month.

********** Published: September 27, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 24