Sean Charles Asbill

Sean attended Rio San Gabriel Elementary, Griffith's Middle School, Downey High, and graduated, by the skin of his teeth, from Columbus High School.Sean was a character, who inherited the "Type A" personality from both sides of his family. Early on, he began using humor and sarcasm, in order to cope. His paternal grandfather was a minister, his maternal grandfather, a lawyer. Let's just say, he had a wide range of inherited traits to draw on. Many of his one-liners can't be used here, but if you knew Sean, you knew what he would be saying now. It would go something, like this: "You want me to go where?… Heaven? Now?? Are you out of your mind?" Ironically, Sean was always at ease with himself, and his accomplishments. By age 28, he had 3 sons, a dear woman, life-long friends, and 10 years of steady work* under his belt, earning him a promotion, and his own office. *(1990 U.S. Census, Kubota Tractor, MajesticWear, and Executive Office Concepts) Despite his attributes, he always drove a beater car, and lived where the price was right. He figured that because he was brilliant, handsome, and charming, he didn't need any "props". If he gained a few pounds, that was your problem.. If you thought his car needed painting, you didn't need to get in it. He had his war games, his love of history, his work, and the gift of gab. His knowledge of the world, past and present, was remarkable. He could talk to anyone, from any walk of life, about any subject, in a warm, engaging way. Many said, he should have been a history teacher. He always planned to get around to that, when the time was right. He would say it something like this: "When GIL releases me from the chokehold, I'll go back to school. Right now, with him breathing down my neck, sucking the life out of me, I can't concentrate!" This would be in reference to his 7 years of being the only man in L.A. County (according to Sean), who actually PAID his child support every month, during the time of a very flawed child support system, within the District Attorney's office, where computer snafu's and mishaps, were commonplace. Sean was deep, genuine, and loyal. He had no acquaintances, only friends. He would know everything about you in a few minutes, and file it away somewhere in his magnificent brain. A class act, is how he was often described. He believed in God, and knew there was a Heaven. Sean left this earth, suddenly, on August 3rd, 2007, at the ripe old age of 35. (it has taken 2 years to put these words to print) After dinner, he watched a movie, and fell asleep. He had no idea, he would not see tomorrow. He would be amazed at the outpouring of support his family received at his untimely passing. Friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors. You know who you are: thank you, thank you. He leaves 3 sons, Sean Jr, Aidan, and Colin. You will find them in any Borders, between California and Hawaii, draped over chairs and on floors, reading books, just like their Dad. He also leaves, the love of his life, Kimberly; his mother, Jaymee; his maternal Grandmother, Garet; He would want thanks expressed to Joy and Don, Kristina and Rob. There are many aunts, uncles, cousins, and countless friends, who will miss him. He was predeceased by his father, the memorable, Charles Asbill, in 2002. Also predeceased by his paternal grandparents, Nellie "Esther" and Wm. Arthur Asbill, Jr,, and his maternal grandfather, H.H. (Bud) Hegner, Jr. As he knew the Bible, chapter and verse, Sean would want it said, as Paul's Second Letter to Timothy did: "Now is the time for me to leave this life. I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day." Go get your crown, Seanny Boy.

********** Published: July 31, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 15