Shawn Goodner

DOWNEY - On Tuesday afternoon, SEAACA received a wonderful gift from Shawn M. Goodner, a 7 year old boy who collected donations of blankets, sheets, and towels.Goodner, a first grader at Downey Christian School, began this project last year to help support the animal shelter in Downey. His dream of becoming a veterinarian is what triggered him into starting this project. With the great support of his grandparents, friends, neighbors, and school, he managed to collect over 15 bags of donations. Goodner amazed Aaron Reyes, the Director of Operations at SEAACA, by putting together such a meaningful donation for their animals all on his own. "The blankets, comforters, and towels are very useful because they go to the injured, sick, and nursing mothers," said Vicky Hernandez, the Adoption Manager at SEAACA. "Donations are great because we go through so many blankets and towels and it's what keeps us going." At SEAACA, Goodner was able to see how his donations would be used for the animals and he was able to witness actual veterinarians doing their jobs. He was also given the opportunity to walk a dog and learn more about the needs and how to care for animals. Goodner's grandmother, Mary Hauk, has been a tremendous support for Goodner and his project. By always being his constant companion, she helped guide Goodner in setting this project up. She believes that this is a great opportunity for him because it will teach him the virtue of giving and sharing. "I'm astonished that such a young boy would think of all this… he really has potential to come up with bigger projects, said Hernandez. "If he can comprehend such a big project at seven, just imagine what he can do in just five years… he's going to just excel." SEAACA was grateful for all the donations they received. They are always willing to accept any donations that would help them out such as blankets, comforters, towels, newspapers, toys, and kitty litter.

********** Published: April 17, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 52