Single mom gets keys to donated home

COMPTON – Trenisha Dorsey never thought that she would ever be a homeowner but on November 20, that changed as Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles and Bank of America presented her the keys to her new home in Compton. Trenisha is a single mother of three children and they all currently live with family in a cramped apartment in an area threatened by nearby gang activity. Trenisha works for Los Angeles County’s Department of Public Social Services and is also working toward her associate’s degree at Southwest Community College.

Trenisha has partnered with Habitat LA so that her family can feel safe in their home as well as in their outdoor space.

“Being a homeowner is very important because it gives you a sense of foundation. Me and my family can now start our legacy here and build a solid family. We are very grateful to Bank of America for donating this home to Habitat LA,” said Trenisha. “As a child, I wasn’t raised in a home. We moved around a lot. I now feel a sense of stability for my children. We can now get the dog that Alaunn has been wanting.”

The home was donated by Bank of America to support the affiliate’s efforts to build affordable housing in partnership with hardworking, low-income families in greater Los Angeles. Home donations are part of a national partnership with Habitat for Humanity International through which Bank of America will donate up to 2,000 vacant properties for renovation or reconstruction over the next three years.

Bank of America volunteers helped build alongside Trenisha, as she invested 200 hours of sweat equity toward the purchase of her home.

“What we’re doing today demonstrates our commitment to Habitat and our local communities to help create affordable housing for families,” said John Manganiello, market executive of Bank of America and board member of Habitat LA. “Trenisha has worked incredibly hard to become a homeowner, dedicating 200 hundred hours of sweat equity and participating in additional hours of education to get to this point of her journey. In many ways, her journey is just getting started.”

Los Angeles County is still one of the least affordable places to live, and more than half of its residents live below the poverty level. Since 1990, Habitat LA has built and renovated more than 1,000 homes locally and internationally.



Published: Dec. 11, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 35