Sinking into debt

Dear Editor:First let me say I am all for everyone having medical insurance, having survived several serious cancer operations that would have killed me had it not been for insurance. But to insure 30 million new people we will first have to find 30,000 new doctors, if each takes on 1,000 new patients, plus new nurses. When President Obama can't find 30,000 new doctors, present doctors will suffer from a heavy overload of patients, a cut in their payments by Medicare of 20 percent, a raise in taxes, and they will be forced to spend less time with patients and family. With not enough money to cover everyone equally there will be rationing of care given to older patients depending on their remaining years. The cost of Obama's health plan, estimated at more than $1 trillion, will require we borrow more from China. China is not impressed with Obama, who they blame for the failing world economy, but they will probably grant the loan to keep U.S. buying huge amounts of their goods, and if his health care plan gets into trouble, which is becoming more probable, they will be in a position to demand they be allowed to drill offshore for Alaska's oil, which they have been after, to appease their huge growing demand. - James Hawkins, Downey

********** Published: November 20, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 31