So long, freshman 15

DOWNEY -- As if being near the beach and close to home wasn't a good enough of an incentive to attend Cal State Long Beach, the brand new Student Recreation and Wellness Center is sure to be another enticing factor into attending the Beach.Completely state-of-the-art equipment, body-scan technologies, and a trendy health-foods bar are just a few of the many services and perks CSULB's Student Recreation and Wellness Center has available to it's students. As long as you are an enrolled student at the Beach, fitness junkies need not worry about monthly payments and confusing contracts to sign. With the stress of making consistent payments diminished, it is no wonder the new super-gym already has students singing its praises. "The center will provide a huge improvement to any student's exercise regime over any of the local gyms. I'm enjoying the Wellness center 2-4 times a week myself," said Amaryllis Velasco. For many users of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, fitting in their fitness routine can be difficult to accomplish while juggling 12 units, a part time job and hours of homework. Making a trip to the gym is an added chore many students simply do not have the time for after school. Luckily for a majority of 49ers, being at school often comes with a break between classes and students are quickly dropping their weekly Panda Express lunch for an express workout. "Having such a busy schedule with work and school, I appreciate the two hour break I have in between my classes because it gives me the opportunity to go to the gym that is just a walking distance from my classes," said Aileen Manjarrez. "I do believe it is important that all campuses incorporate a fitness center because it gives every busy student the opportunity to fit at least 30 minutes of their time to workout during a break or before and after class." While the Student Recreation and Wellness Center is equipped with the latest in fitness machines and has amenities only resorts can offer, nothing is more refreshing to the students than the price tag. Factored into the price of tuition and no monthly user fee makes the experience at the gym a lot less stressful without a bill hanging over your head. In addition, students have the chance to check out equipment to use on the many full service playing courts, access to digital lockers, and the opportunity to meet with a personal trainer for free. With perks like these, Downey residents that attend CSULB have a hard time heading back to their home gyms. "The best feature of the gym at CSULB is that it's located on campus. No long drives after class to a gym 20 minutes away. Just leave class and go," said David Mullins. "It encourages students to work out and it's free so students on a fixed income can enjoy working out and being fit without having to worry about spending money on an over priced gym membership."

********** Published: October 7, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 25