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Dear Editor:Eric Pierce writes about his thoughts on the Arizona immigration bill 1070. He presents five points which I will add my thoughts. 1.) Arizona is only enforcing federal law because the federal government is not enforcing it, just as each state enforces other federal laws. 2.) "The law is vague." Quite the contrary. You commit a violation or crime, you can be asked your status, clear to me. 3.) "The law was passed because of inaction of the federal government." Yep, see No. 1 above. 4.) "Laws should not have titles, such as 'Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act.'" I don't see anything misleading. I know that Mr. Pierce is in favor of supporting law enforcement and also wants safe neighborhoods, as we all do. He writes that he does not propose amnesty and does not believe incentives should be given to illegals to leave the country and that "illegals are not going anywhere unless they are forcibly removed." See No. 1 above. He goes on to quote the same tired litany, that they came to escape tyranny, corruption and persecution. Finally, it comes down to the "American Dream" excuse. Sure, everyone wants a better life and I'm sure I can have one if I rob a bank or start an investment scheme to defraud money from another, but it all comes down to the same thing: it's breaking the law and it's illegal, no matter what. - Ed Romero, Downey

Dear Editor: You say your parents moved from Mexico to California. ("Immigration and Me," 5/14/10) You ask how can a police officer determine "reasonable suspicion" without resorting to racial or cultural profiling. Arizona's newly passed illegal immigration law goes into effect after someone breaks the law. Then the law-breaker recites his social security number which is verified to determine his legal status. - El Bee, Downey

Dear Editor: This is in reference to Mr. Jorge Montero's comments on illegal immigration and the Arizona bill SB 1070 just recently passed. (Letters to the Editor, 5/14/10). I would suggest Mr. Montero read the bill before he tries to comment and give false analogies about the bill. Ironically, most people commenting on the bill and using the phrase of "racial profiling" have not read the bill and know little or nothing about the content of the bill. This includes our U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, who stated that he thought it might be unconstitutional in one breath and the next breath, admitted that he had not read the bill. Come on people, read the bill and then I welcome your comments. I would say that most of these Los Angeles City Council members have not read the bill, yet they are asking for us to boycott the state of Arizona. This is done for their own personal gain. In his last paragraph, Mr. Montero refers to illegal immigration vs. "Mexican Illegal Immigration." It is not illegal Italians, Koreans, Chinese, French or Germans immigrants that are committing all of the murders, crime, kidnappings, drug trafficking, etc. It happens to be the Mexicans coming from across the border illegally committing these heinous acts of crime. I commend Mr. Montero for appearing to be a model citizen and doing things the legal way. This bill and immigration reform is intended to get people on that very track of doing things the right way and, hopefully, in the process we clean up the crime that seems to come with the illegals. I cannot wait for California to step up to the plate and follow the stance of the state of Arizona. With all of the negative hoopla this bill is getting, stick around folks because there will be many states following the lead of Arizona. - Peter Marchica, Yorba Linda (former Downey resident)

Dear Editor: To undertstand Arizona's new law, their borders are wide open and illegal immigrants enter by the thousands each day from the desert and ranch lands. Many are good people looking for a better life but are forced to steal and rob to feed their families due to a scarcity of jobs. As with all ethnic groups, some are hardened criminals who bring drugs and violent crime. Of even greater concern are terrorist Quran bibles that were found that teach annihilation of Israel and America. Thus the open borders invite another Sept. 11 that massacred over 3,000. In addition, illegal immigrants require free medical, welfare, schooling food and housing, all of which must be paid for by taxpayers, and which adversely affects Arizona's economy. Boycott Mexico, who is causing the problem, not Arizona. - James Hawkins, Downey

********** Published: May 21, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 5