Sports coverage

Dear Editor: I understand that this is a fairly small paper, and perhaps there is funding issues with writing more, but this city has two public high schools, yet only one ever really gets written about unless something really great happens at the other.

Case in point this weeks sports report on wrestling. Now I am biased because my son is a wrestler, however, the reporter started off telling us that both schools sent five wrestlers to the meet, but then he goes and writes about the five Downey High wrestlers, how they each lost their matches, and offers details.

After telling us about Downey wrestlers, rather than leading into the Warren High wrestling team and how they did, the story cuts over to the end of the Warren High winter sports and when it finally mentions the wrestlers it says they all lost and gives their names and weights. Nothing about their matches, like there was for the Downey HS wrestlers.

I just want to know why the double standard. Downey High is a very good school, and seeing as my son goes to Warren, I find it to be a very good school as well. In fact, my wife and I and her boys moved here from Orange County and the schools here are as good, maybe even better, than the schools in Aliso Viejo, so why are you playing down one of the two great schools here in Downey?

One last note, I read the story about how people on Facebook write about how bad things are in Downey every time there is a bad news post. (“Facebook, Where Downey is Continually Going Downhill,” 2/28/15) Well part of it is here in the paper as well.

If you make one side of town out to be better than the other, then that is what will happen, and I don’t feel where I live is any better or worse than the side of town that goes to Downey High.

Christopher Angulo-Bertram




Published: March 12, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 48