Staying fit over summer

DOWNEY - At a time when it is the most difficult to work out, or so it seems for those on summer break, students still find a way to keep in shape while they are out of school by visiting the various locations offered in Downey.Though teenagers are supposed to be at the prime of their health, even they have to do a little extra to get their dream body, with the motivation of it being beach season and a great time to have a fit body. Some teenagers, however, don't need to peel themselves away from the television by their own sheer will because they already have the motivation to work out since they belong in a sport with summer practices. It would appear that there can never really be too many workouts for some athletes. "First off, I like doing it because it keeps me in shape for my sport, but secondly it also feels really good after you're done and, you know, in the summer, you start eating a lot of junk food and stuff so it feels good to burn off the calories," says cross country runner Samantha Chavez. "At school, you only have that one small meal at lunch since most kids skip breakfast but during the summer, you're kind of pigging out all the time and it's not very healthy so if they work out over the summer, I'm sure they'll feel good about themselves." Though the track is open from early until late, there are still other places for students who want to do more than simply run, especially for the teenagers without access to the DHS weight room and cardio room. There are always the nearby parks but it seems the nearest gym is a preferable choice for most teenagers, offering a variety of workouts to those willing to pay the membership fee. "Physical activity helps you stimulate your brain and it helps you feel good," says Bally's gym member, Stephanie Gutierrez. "I find it preferable and I definitely recommend the gym because you get to see the different machines that work out different parts of your body and you can get toned. It's a good way to distract yourself and de-stress." Though the gym is certainly a place where a lot of students can get a good workout in, as well as get the chance to meet other people, the YMCA also offers its facilities for those who are interested. "I like to go the YMCA to exercise," says DHS graduate Jacquelyn Velez. "They have a room where you can use the bikes or they have classes like Zumba and hip-hop and stuff like that so you can work out with other people." There still remains hope for even the biggest couch potato in Downey, it would appear; anyone can visit the DHS track, the nearest park or gym, or the local YMCA to get in a good workout and stay healthy until school comes around.

********** Published: August 5, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 16