Stop the insanity

Dear Editor:I'm glad there are finally some frogs jumping out of the beaker before they are boiled. Way to go tea party participants. I remember Nancy Pelosi saying, "This will be the most transparent administration ever…" I remember thinking "big joke," but now they have convinced me. They are transparent. It's easy to see right through their lies and deceit. When President Obama said his health care plan wouldn't cost taxpayers a dime, he's right. As estimated by the Office of Management and Budget, it will be more than $1 trillion in a few short years; we could only wish it would be a dime. Congress is rushing to pass a bill that doesn't even exist yet, but apparently there is a deadline anyway, yet we're told they don't have time to put it online so people can know what's in it, but Congress is going to pass it anyway. One has to wonder what the big hurry is since it won't take effect until 2013. Could it be that the next presidential election is in 2012, and if people don't like it, it will be after Obama is hoping he will be re-elected? President Obama is transparent when he says illegals won't get health care. Could it be that he is planning to make all of the legal? That would take care of that problem. It is transparent to me that Obama is throwing our friendly nations under the bus and embracing the communist and Muslim nations, i.e., Hugo Chavez, Castro, the Palestinians, Libya and others while dictating policies to Israel. It is very transparent that Israel will not follow his sage advice. They will do anything to survive. It is transparent that Obama wants control over everything, i.e., the car manufacturing companies, insurance companies, banks, loan companies, investment houses, salaries, student loans and your health care. Soon he will ask for AmeriCorps, which he says, will be stronger than our military. Why do we need a youth group so powerful? What's the purpose? It is transparent to me that if our country continues this obscene overspending, Obama isn't going to have anymore of our money to redistribute. Our wealth has been given away to every country and the stupid pork projects Congress can dream up. It is not yet transparent that those who have put us in debt are willing to "walk the walk" and give their wealth away. I hope the frogs that jumped out of the beaker encouraged those still in hot water to jump out and o something to stop this insanity. - Elsa Van Leuven, Downey

********** Published: October 16, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 26