Strangers in the backyard

Dear Editor: Hello, I am a regular teenager who lives in the beautiful city of Downey. I have lived here for all my life, and my family and I love this town.

As long as I can remember this town has been safe, but recently I’ve noticed some people breaking into our backyard and jumping over our fence to the parking lot behind our house. We’ve never noticed this until I once looked out my window and saw two teenagers walking through our property, a boy and a girl.

They went into our backyard and jumped over our fence. At first I thought it was just a one-time thing, until I saw them again! But the second time they broke part of our fence. I didn’t call the cops because they left before I could get a good look at them; not calling the police was my mistake.

Later they kept on coming back, and breaking more of our fence. Not calling or telling anyone was a horrible choice.

Ever since the first time they went through my yard, I have been noticing some parts of our backyard fence broken, and it’s getting worse each month or so. My mother tried to plant trees in the back so they wouldn’t climb over, but now the trees are dead, they’ve stepped on them and killed them.

My family shouldn’t be going through this. Soon we will fix all of this. I blame myself for not calling the police. I can’t do anything now but to warn other people, not just adults, but teens and children too, to not be afraid to call someone when something is happening. Don’t make the same mistake I did. It is not worth it.

Another thing is to take caution, to lock your doors every night, make sure your young ones are safe inside, and make sure you have nobody going on your private property. If you do, contact someone right away.

You don’t want to go through what I and my family went through.

Dominique Valadez




Published: April 9, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 52