Street construction

Dear Editor: I just read the article about road construction on Gallatin Road and Lakewood Boulevard.

I can not believe how long this is taking, especially since the article said Lakewood Boulevard was supposed to be done in September and here we are almost to the end of November, and we are still going through the hassle of long lines of traffic and now detours.

This is ridiculous! We have lived in Downey for more than 46 years, and I can not remember a worse construction situation. It was bad enough when they were building the new townhomes on Gallatin, and traffic was congested. Now they are tearing up the streets and sidewalks. We have had to find new ways to get to our destinations, and when they are doctor appointments, dentist appointments, etc., it is very frustrating.

I just hope other Downey residents are as tired of this as I am, and will also voice their dissatisfaction.

Helene Guerrero




Published: Nov. 27, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 33