Street memorial

Dear Editor:How many months do the citizens of Downey have to tolerate the memorial of a person who was carrying a weapon and did not comply with police direction and was shot and killed? Sometimes there are clusters of people gathered at the spot, along with candles, flowers, balloons and posters. When does this stop? There is even a City of Downey orange traffic cone among the clutter. If a relative or friend dies of natural causes, you don't usually erect a monument in the middle of your front yard; yet the citizens of Downey are forced to view this ridiculous display for months on end. When does it stop? I get it, I really do; you are terribly affected by your loss but not everybody shares your grief. Downey has laws regarding the length of time trash containers can be left on the curb, no parking on lawns, no trash cans stored in plan view of the street, graffiti and the like. Something needs to be done about this unlawful gathering on a public street. - Lynda Kriss, Downey

********** Published: May 28, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 6