Street paintings

Dear Dear Editor:The Downey City Council on July 12 approved a company to paint seven traffic signal cabinets and a small mural in the downtown Avenue Theatre site. Recently two traffic signal boxes on the northwest corner of the library curbside on Brookshire Avenue near the pedestrian crossing were completed. There is a large and a small traffic signal box at this location and both were painted to look like wood bookshelves. These are wonderful works of art. The larger box depicts shelves complete with books and titles. Facing north on Brookshire a sign is painted on this box "Downey Library." The smaller of the two boxes depict children's books, toys and a wonderful sign "I love to read all Dr. Seuss" and a Cat in the Hat sign. Hundreds of Downey High School students and pedestrians going to and from the library and traffic on Brookshire will enjoy these outstanding works of art daily. What a great idea to paint these two nondescript, uninteresting traffic boxes. For several years the Avenue Theatre located on Downey Avenue has been an eyesore, a blemish on this beautiful section of our downtown area. Now it has been repainted, a new false front installed complete with a box office, entry doors painted and the marquee painted "West Side Story." What a great improvement to these areas. -- Byron Dillon, Downey

********** Published: September 01, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 20