Students get creative in finding a prom date

DOWNEY - With the nearing of the end of every school year comes one important event that many students anticipate from the very start of their high school careers: prom.With prom right around the corner, students are doing everything they can to make sure everything is planned as perfectly as possible. Downey High School students are anxiously setting plans and securing dates for that special, once in a lifetime event. For many students, the first thing on their agenda is their prom date. "Yes, I have my prom date!" said Downey High School JSA board member Andrea Lomeli. "He attends Warren High School, and I decided to ask him during his varsity tennis match against our school (Downey). I got a huge poster and wrote "PROM?" in Chinese on one side, and English on the other, because he is Chinese so I thought it would be cute. I also got him his favorite In-N-Out meal. So, of course he said YES because of the food!" Along with having a date, there has always been a trend in asking your date in a cute or fun way. Downey High School senior and ASB president Kristin Maranan says that this year more than ever, there has been a spike in creativity. "Our senior boys got really creative in asking the ladies to prom this year," said Maranan. "Most of the fun ones were done publicly. The most creative ways people asked were the ones that strayed away from the 'traditional' posters, balloons, and flowers. Some examples were that a sweet boy asked a girl through a poem during class, and then another boy asked a girl with a helicopter plane - very creative!" While it's something to definitely look forward to, prom can also have its disadvantages. One huge disadvantage that many face is the expense, but it seemed unanimous among students asked that in the end, it's all worth it. "I am excited, because Downey's prom is less than two weeks away and Warren's prom is the week after," said Lomeli. "I'm not excited about the amount of money we're supposed to spend our senior year - yearbook, cap and gown, prom, senior activities, etc - but, I'm really looking forward to being able to spend time with my friends. It's our last chance for all of us to release our pre-college stress." Almost as important as the prom, is the location it's being held at. For many, a location can make or break a dance. It was unanimous among students asked that they are excited about the venue. "I am stoked about the venue," said Lomeli. "I'm more excited about the free food at Universal Studios for Downey's prom! The theme Vintage Hollywood was a really great idea too, and ties in with the venue. Warren's three-city theme is good too, and the three-story yacht they're holding it on sounds like fun too - except I can't swim!" Maranan is also pleased with the prom's location, and gave her opinion from an insider's point of view. "I was on the prom committee last year, and we chose Universal Studios," said Maranan. "I am more than pleased with the location! It's such a big and fancy venue, and it really suits our Vintage Hollywood theme. I think the students will love it!" There you have it - prom is almost here, and the anticipation is only building. Whether students are going with a date or with friends, they're ready for a great night that they will never forget. "I'm really looking forward to prom," said Downey High School senior and dance team member Phaulene Magana. "Getting ready is always something I enjoy when going to a dance, and dancing AT prom is my favorite!"

********** Published: May 5, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 3