Stuttering book at the library

DOWNEY - "Self-therapy for the Stutterer," the classic self-help guide written by the founder of the Stuttering Foundation, is now available at all Los Angeles County public libraries, including the Downey City Library.The book outlines a self-therapy program which describes what a stutterer can do to better communication. "In this book, Malcolm Fraser has provided guidance for those who must help themselves," said Charles Van Riper, Ph.D. "Knowing well from this own experiences as a stutterer the difficulties of self-therapy, he outlines a series of objectives and challenges that should serve as a map for the person who is lost in the dismal swamp of stuttering and wants to find a way out." The Stuttering Foundation offered the book to all local public libraries at no cost.

********** Published: April 12, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 52