Summer jobs still difficult to come by

DOWNEY - Now that the textbooks have been put away and study sessions at the local Starbucks have ended, students are now focusing their energy towards a new outlet: the summer job.Finding a job and keeping one with decent hours can be difficult to balance for some students during the school year, so students look to the summer months in order to land a job that will give them extra money for the summer. Having extra spending is one of the best perks to having a summer job, in addition to just having something productive to do with your time. "I want to stay active and keep myself busy," said Downey resident Stephanie Cuevas. "I don't like to have too much free time on my hands because then I begin to feel unproductive, and well it's not a very nice feeling. Also, like majority of other college students can testify, a source of income is crucial right about now." Getting the idea to apply for a job for the summer comes relatively easy to students, but actually following through with the application and interview process can be discouraging and tedious, ultimately leaving students still without a job. With many companies having the application process done online, the lack of personal one-on-one meeting takes away from future employers getting a chance to meet before an interview, resorting to getting to know yet another application. With one crucial element taken out of the job process equation in addition to many employers wanting people with experience, the job hunt can be very competitive and exhausting. "It's been really hard so far," said Cuevas. "A lot of the places where I have gone are either not hiring or looking for someone with a lot of experience, something I lack. I understand that places want someone who has experience to work for them, but I have to start somewhere right? I'm doing the best that I can and call to ask for application updates, but they all tell me the same thing, "you'll get a call if they like you"." While the process is nevertheless time consuming and often discouraging, trying and continuing to try for a job is far more rewarding than not going for it at all. Filling out applications, creating and updating resumes, and going on interviews are all important life skills everyone needs to have in order to make it in the professional world and starting small is a great way to learn. From the many applications and interviews that may come, opportunities can arise and the ultimate goal of getting a job can be reached, when you least expect it. "I'm especially happy to have this job during the summer because that's where I'm going to get my hours," said recent Downey High graduate Laura Nevarez. "It's a great way to make money for the fun part of summer. Being a teen and working with adults [at In-n-Out] has taught me that everyone goes back to the essentials, everyone has the same responsibility which in the end means being polite with each other and the customers and that a smile can make a huge difference."

********** Published: June 30, 2011 - Volume 11 - Issue 10