LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support for Kiefer

Dear Editor: I was very proud to be a co-chair to defeat Measure B earlier this year. We must continue to be vigilant to ensure that we keep our Downey fire and police departments and that our city is led by the right people.

That is why I strongly believe that Robert Kiefer is the best person to represent Downey on the City Council for District 2.

I worked with Robert during the No on B campaign and saw firsthand his ability to lead and his commitment to serve. I have also observed him as a planning commissioner to be a reasonable person of conviction yet business-friendly.

I have encouraged all of my friends who live in District 2 to vote for Robert Kiefer this Tuesday. I hope you will do the same.

Lourdes Coytaya Downey


Dear Editor:

If you live in Downey’s District 2, you will have an opportunity to vote for a new city council member. I encourage you to consider voting for Robert Kiefer.

I met Mr. Kiefer during the No on Measure B campaign earlier this year, and he was very informed and worked hard to ensure that we always keep our Downey Fire Department. He was pasiosnate and always sincere.

I have lived in Downey for over 30 years and like most, stay informed through attending council meetings, reading the Patriot and speaking with fellow Downeyites. Everyone I’ve met that knows Robert Kiefer speaks highly of him as being a person of steadfast character and informed on the issues. He voted No to the go-go dancers and has a strong reputation as chairperson of the Planning Commission. Thus, I feel Robert Kiefer has the experience and track record to lead our Downey.

This Tuesday, I encourage you to vote for Robert Kiefer for Downey City Council, District 2.

Carlos A. Sotomayor Downey



Published: Oct. 30, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 29