Symphony an investment in the community

DOWNEY - In economically challenging years, we all watch expenses carefully, and seek the best return for any investment. Stretch those dollars.Or to put it another way, when times get tough, the tough go to a garden party. You may not have known that, you may think it does not apply to you, but please consider the following: Garden Party: stretches of grassy lawn edged with cheerful flowers; shade from fine old towering trees and the party umbrellas sprinkled about; the hum of good conversation as guests greet old friends or make new friends at the hors d'oeuvre table. Music from a brass quintet lifts your heart. So does the champagne. A good investment in you. How about another little sausage in wine sauce? And a couple more chilled fresh shrimp. Mmmm. And a mushroom puff while you're at it. The platters remain bountiful and irresistible, and the desserts haven't even been unveiled yet. Nourishment for body and soul. Wise choice. This Garden Party on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 20, is a fundraiser for the Downey Symphony Orchestra, and you have paid $75 to be here. Sounds like a lot, but the benefits are great and they spread out in big ripples. The orchestra, in its 52nd season of excellent concerts for the Downey community, is a source of pride and cultural enrichment. It has prevailed through challenging times. It is a good investment. And those brass players at the party, launching into your favorite tunes? Students, always starving. The nationally recognized piano soloist playing for you here, in this Downey garden? This is her donation to our Symphony because she believes in it. All that really great stuff up for auction? The proceeds will help keep the orchestra's Music in the Schools program going for another year. Very smart investment. You are invited to participate in these investments by coming to this event. A phone call to (562) 928-4122 will bring you an invitation with all the details. It's a great way to stretch your dollars, improve the economy and feel that your support really matters.

********** Published: August 28, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 19