Take me to Lakewood

Dear Editor:On Christmas night I thought I could keep up with my grandkids - and found that they are far more agile than me! I ended up with a broken finger. On Sunday, I went to the Downey Regional Medical Center emergency room only to find the waiting room overflowing to the parking lot and people saying they had been waiting for hours. I left and went to Lakewood Regional Medical Center, and yes, they were busy too, but people were in and out quickly and were treated courteously and professionally. I myself had x-rays, saw the doctor, had a cast put on and all within two hours! Pretty good for a holiday weekend. Everyone from the front desk, triage check-in, nurse, x-ray technician and nurse practitioner were all great. Downey Community used to be good, but for the last 20 years or there about, it has gone downhill. I only pray that if there is ever anything seriously wrong with me that the EMTs won't take me there. Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital or Lakewood Regional Medical Center please! Too bad that our local hospital can't seem to get its act together. -- Maggie Allen, Downey

********** Published: December 30, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 37