Talented teen racks up awards

DOWNEY - Jona Capino, 13, who recently graduated valedictorian of the eighth grade class at St. Marks School, received her Certificate of Merit from the Music Teacher's Association of California and was awarded Branch Honors for her achievement in Piano CM Level 7 at Cal Poly Pomona.Jona recently passed the required state test and was declared international member winner of National Auditions and National Roll of the National Piano Playing Auditions preparatory class of 2010 section PB. She was awarded a gold pin and certificate from the National Guild of Piano Teachers, Teacher Division of American College of Musicians and a membership in the National Fraternity of Student Musicians, Student Division of the American College of Musicians and Piano Hobbyist of the World for one year. For being a ballerina, Jona was also proclaimed a 2010 Dancer of the Year by OnStage Dance Center and was awarded the Cindy Vega Platinum Scholarship award. She was also the recipient of the Performing Arts Scholarship at Cornelia Connelly High School for the coming school year.

********** Published: August 12, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 17