Talking points

Dear Editor:Asking a person who he donated money to is like asking a person who he voted for. It's not transparency, as Mr. Christon would have us believe. ("Pillars of Democracy," Letters to the Editor, 7/21/11) What is peculiar about Mr. Christon's letter is that it brings up the same old Democratic Party talking points (Haliburton is one of their favorites). Let's talk about something else. The president from what party started Vietnam? The president from what party escalated Vietnam? What party surrendered in Vietnam? The president from what party gave the go-ahead to drop the atomic bomb on those poor, sleeping people? What party was the governor from that blocked the doors to that school in Selma and then used fire hoses and dogs on the women and children who were there for a peaceful demonstration? What party was the president from who gave us the Bay of Pigs fiasco? Which party fought every piece of legislation put forward to end segregation? What party passed a 10,000-page piece of legislation so then they could "find out what's in it"? The list goes on and on. If anyone thinks this piece of legislation will not be abused, they must be a Democrat. Mr. Christon probably voted for Jimmy Carter and thinks Bill Clinton "did not have sex with that woman." Well, some people will believe anything they read in the Times (L.A. or New York), hear on network news or are force-fed in their college classes. When a newscaster (news reader) rolls his or her eyes and smirks while reading the news, it's still news. It's OK for a senator to walk away from an auto crash, letting his passenger die while he looks for his campaign manager. It's OK to have a good buddy who tried to blow up the Pentagon. The reason you hear about Haliburton and Gingrich so often is that the Democrats cannot let the discussion get too broad. You have to pound on these talking points. Let's discuss what's in this bill. No, let me remind you of Haliburton. Let's talk about tax reductions. No, let me remind you of Gingrich. Let's talk about responsible government. No, let's talk about Sarah Palin's daughter. -- Kenneth Stallcup, Downey

********** Published: July 28, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 15