Team Mischief

Team Mischief, a 14U team for Downey Ponytail, finished its fall season Saturday with back-to-back wins of a double-header versus Cerritos. The team, which is coached by Chris Forseen and Alyssa Hernandez, finished with an 11-5 overall record. Pictured are Teddy Dominguez, Cindy Foley, CC Rodriguez, Michelle Nakayama, Cynthia Orellana, Jasmin Bravo, Sam Chicarelli, Delaney Soto, Andrea Vasquez, Genise Chavez, Sofie Dominguez, Giselle Chavez, Bernie Quintero, Kaitlyn Aguilera, Emily Foley, Chris Forseen and Alyssa Hernandez.



Published: Nov. 20, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 32