Teens like the direction Downey is heading in

DOWNEY - The year 2010 was monumental for the city of Downey with many new stores and restaurants staking their claim, and for students in the city many of the significant changes affected the schools and school programs, along with Downey's growing modern landscape.In the past year, many new stores and restaurants have chosen Downey to be one of their new homes. With Downey and Warren high school students always searching for something new to do, these venues provided many new oppurtunities to students and residents alike. "The year 2010 was great for Downey," said Downey High School student Josh Noa. "We saw a lot of new businesses open in downtown Downey near the school, like Fresh & Easy, Dollar Tree and Porto's Bakery. Having them so close to school gives the students a larger variety of afterschool options and exposure to cultures we otherwise might not have been exposed to. It's nice to see such a diverse group of stores and restaurants giving Downey a much-needed modernization." While it was a good year overall, there is always room for some positive changes. Many new locations did open their doors, but there are of course many improvements students hope for in the approaching year of 2011. "I'm hoping that we can get some new percussion equipment for the school's drumline," said Downey High School student Ryan Toves. "It would be nice to have a fuller front ensemble and have drums and drum carriers that aren't constantly falling apart. I'm hoping that Downey receives more funding for its schools so we can have better programs in general." While some students have high hopes set specifically for Downey's educational programs, others have hopes on a grander scale. "Hopefully Downey continues with its efforts of urbanization in 2011," said Noa. "The city apparently has plans to add modern housing and more businesses in the downtown area, which sounds promising in placing Downey with the likes of Cerritos and Lakewood. Downey High also has a few rennovations planned for some of their older buildings, a plan that I hope only improves the school's already admirable aesthetic." Overall, 2010 was a good year, and greatly helped Downey to evolve and grow. Whether you're a student on the outside looking in, or a long time resident, Downey's living up to its high expectations. "I hope Downey maintains this pattern of modernization and thriving, not only in commerce but also in it's community and humanitarian efforts," said Noa.

********** Published: December 30, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 37