The book is back

The Downey City Library's upcoming "One Book, One Community" program, title to be announced on Tuesday, will have many opportunities to get involved. By participating in a community reading project, you have the chance to talk with your neighbors, start your own book discussion group, and even re-discover the art of great storytelling.If you have noticed the lack of a good story line, character development or depth in most of today's cultural fare, you are not alone. Of course there are quality television programs, films, plays, articles and websites-but they are the exception. You turn on the TV but find reality shows, celebrity gossip, talent competitions, infomercials and chatter panels with more insults than insight. You go to the movies and try to ignore the assault on your senses from upcoming attractions. You go to the theatre but the selections are mostly revivals and musical reviews. You go on the Internet and sort through opinions, ads and infobites. You open a book, however-and that's another story. A great book demands your time and attention, but pays back in abundance. A fine novel sparks your imagination, introduces memorable characters and different cultures, and uses language to change your perspective on the world. Quality non-fiction-whether it is an involving memoir, historical work or practical information-brings value to our everyday life. When you discover the true value of a public library-and read together with your community-you find cultural richness as well as the foundation for a better life. Stay tuned for more details about our "One Book, One Community" project for 2009.

********** Published: September 18, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 22