The Catholic vote

Dear Editor:Four years ago I converted to Catholicism and I couldn't be happier with my faith. However, during the election season of 2008 I couldn't get a grasp on why so many of my Catholic brothers and sisters were planning on voting for then Sen. Obama. My friends apparently were not fazed that this was the most unapologetic abortionist ever to run for president. Nobody seemed to care about his 20-year close relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. And as the statistics leader informed us, Catholics voted for Obama by a margin of 9 percent. I was shocked. I rationalized that Catholics blindly fell for the idea that real social justice would come from a community organizer. Did the faithful among us get caught up with the love affair between this man and the mainstream media? And then came the assault on the Catholic church in the form of birth control. The idea that Catholic universities, hospitals, charities, et al must provide birth control to all of its employees, including Catholics. Now the Catholics are in an uproar (which they should). However, what in God's name were you thinking when you pulled the lever for this anti-life, big government, socialist-leaning politician? Let us Catholics think a bit harder about our choice in November. Carl Vesper, Downey

********** Published: April 12, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 52