The state of leadership

Dear Editor:It is difficult to understand how so many people in government got where they are. It would appear that surely some must have common sense but "common sense" is no longer common. There's always something new. We now learn that the ATF sent arms to the drug cartels in Mexico under the direction of our highest officials. The punishment? Three have been transferred to D.C. with promotions. Absolutely no punishment to those responsible. Thousands in Mexico have died at the hands of the drug cartels. Think back to the Gulf oil spill. Everybody was blamed, except possibly those who were responsible to check the safety of the oil drilling. I've tried many times to find out what their punishment was but my senators and House representative just can't seem to find out. Along the same line, I've tried to find out the status of the investigation of Rep. Maxine Waters, who went to Barney Frank to get "stimulus" money for the bailout of the bank where her husband was invested and on the board. The answer I get is "we can't give out information since it is still under investigation." How convenient! We all know the severe punishment Ted Kennedy received for driving drunk, leaving Mary Jo Kopeckne in her water grave while he "slept it off." His punishment: he was later appointed to the "Ethics" Committee. Now we know that President Obama wants Korea to buy cars made in the U.S. while his big $1 million campaign bus was made in Canada. I'm not sure if the 40-car entourage following him was made in the U.S. or if they were the new electric cars or not - you know, "global warming." We now learn that this administration won't send 300,000 illegals home unless they had been arrested for something other than illegal entry. Interestingly enough, the caption under the TV announcement read "440,00 now unemployed." I guess the 300,000 illegals will work for less than the 440,000 unemployed citizens. I started this letter wondering how so many got into high places in government. They must start at City Council or county level. Most interesting is the placement of two articles in The Downey Patriot of Aug. 12, one next to the other. First, "Public Smoking May Be Further Restricted." Thank you, Councilman Vasquez, for trying to limit where smoking is accepted. The second article, "The Pros and Cons of Hookah Lounges." The two Downey High graduates quoted said they liked it because it was so relaxing - my suggestion: go to bed and relax. After you have smoked 45 minutes, you will have 36 times more tar than a cigarette, 15 times more carbon monoxide and 70 percent more nicotine, and be five times more likely than non-smokers to have gum disease. The American Cancer Society found that men who smoked water pipes had five times the risk of lung cancer than non-smokers. Oh well, we still will have Obamacare to care for you in hospitals and rest homes until you die of lung cancer. It's high time our City Council address this new "business" and close it down as a health risk, then you won't be responsible for the cancer deaths. We're not supposed to eat salt, fat, McDonald's Happy Meals, etc., but it's OK for Downey to promote tobacco smoking. As I say, one wonders where our "leaders" come from and why so many foolish decisions are made. There must be something better for young adults to do to entertain themselves, like meet someplace to dance and enjoy each other's company, without drinking or smoking. -- Elsa Van Leuven, Downey

********** Published: September 01, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 20