Theresa B. Kovacs

Funeral services are at 9 a.m. Saturday, September 3d at the Memorial Chapel at Rose Hills in Whittier for Theresa Berghoffer Kovacs, who died of natural causes on Sunday, August 28th in her home in Downey.Theresa, also known as "Tess", was 91 and lived in her home for 54 years. She was the epitome of love: love of her children, Harry and Barbara, love of anything beautiful, love of learning, and the love of cooking and baking. She was president of the Martha Circle for the First Hungarian Reformed Church in Los Angeles in the 60's. She baked sheets and sheets of cookies for a number of charities. She crocheted decorations on simple pillow cases for hundreds of people in need. She owned Tess' Tiny World, a miniature business in the 80's. More importantly, she was an example to many people about how to live a life with integrity, generosity, and charity, qualities that are rare in this day and age. Her legacy is Tess' Teahouse and Gardens, Tess' Farm Market and Tess' Community Farm Kitchen, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to teaching the public about the importance of fresh produce in their daily lives, started by her daughter in her honor. Born in Detroit, Michigan, she came to California in the 50's after the death of her first husband, Harry Paul Polgar, a B-29 Navigator in World War II. In California she met and married Julius Kovacs and took up residence in Downey in 1957. She is survived by her daughter, Barbara A. Frantz, a resident of Discovery Bay, California and grandson, Robert Polgar. In lieu of flowers, friends are asked to donate to Tess' Community Farm Kitchen at 800-800-5373 or

********** Published: September 01, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 20