Third-world country

Dear Editor:I'm sure by now everyone reading this realizes that our country is deeply in debt, people are losing their homes and joblessness is increasing. But we are told the recession is over. It is difficult for me to understand why our government will hurt an already depressed area (Gulf Oil spill), then declare a moratorium on drilling, which the court overruled, only to be reinstated by President Obama. This is putting 28,000 people in the Gulf area out of work, then stand by and see the rigs moved to China and India. This isn't bad enough, but now our government has given $1 billion to Mexico to drill in the Gulf - yes, the same Gulf that we can't drill in. Apparently, if Mexico has an oil spill, it won't pollute the planet, only if the U.S. does it. I wondered how President Obama was going to redistribute our wealth. First, maybe by giving our tax money away, but now I realize there are other ways to take our country down. That is, giving our jobs away. I would believe those who want to redistribute wealth were sincere if they led by example. President Obama has made $7 million in 1 1/2 years in office. Bill Clinton has collected $100 million in speeches (can't imagine who would want to hear him). Senators Boxer and Feinstein are millionaires as are most in Congress, but I don't see them redistributing their wealth. Much of this deceitful behavior by government is done under the name of "global warming," which we now realize is a hoax confirmed by real scientists, not Al Gore and his movies. I just heard today that California scientists overestimated pollution by 340% in order to pass regulations. To add insult to injury, our government has given $2 billion to George Sorros to drill not 5,000 feet as in the Gulf, but 14,022 feet off the coast of Brazil. This oil will not help the U.S. because it will stay in Brazil (Petrobus Oil Co.) and enrich their country, not help the U.S. Of course, we all know that "poor" George Sorros is a billionaire without our $2 billion. Apparently, Obama isn't concerned that the U.S. is so in debt that we can't pay his big spending bills. Now I've learned that IBM has volunteered to examine the Medicare system free to expose the fraud, but Obama declined their offer, stating that that wasn't his priority. Unbelievable! Yes, this is the same administration that wants to control your health and mine. My question is, just what is his priority other than spending; to take the U.S. down to a third-world country? If it is, he's doing a good job of it. Nancy Pelosi's plan for the U.S. to get the economy back on track using - her words - "food stamps and unemployment insurance," is the way to recovery. This isn't an expression, it's sincere - Lord help up. Can we endure two more years of this administration and survive as a nation? -- Elsa Van Leuven, Downey

********** Published: October 14, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 26