Time to pull out

Dear Editor:As many have heard on the news, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales shot and killed 16 Afghan civilians for unknown reasons. His actions is a tragic and horrific event. It will be interesting if the general public is ever told the specific details about the cause for the shooting if it is ever learned. The fact that he did it is not in question. What is in question is the "why". I can't help to wonder why the same cry of outrage isn't being screamed for the six military personnel that were killed by Afghan citizens because someone inadvertently burned copies of a book (the Koran). I understand the importance of the Koran to those that believe in it but because it was accidently burned this cannot justify the taking of six American soldiers' lives. It seems that this incident was shoved under the table. President Hamid Karzai says he wants the U.S. and its allies restricted to bases and entirely out of his country next year, not by 2014. Currently the United States is giving Afghanistan billions of taxpayer dollars every year. The war there is costing additional billions and my question is why? The majority of those countries have been fighting one another since before the birth of Christ. Who in the world could possibly think the United States is going to change all of that now. Do those countries need a democratic society? I have no idea. That is a decision the people that reside there did to make. Didn't those that came before us in this country have to fight and die to gain independence from England? This country shut down NASA due to the lack of funds but we don't hesitate to give billions of taxpayer dollars to other countries. When did we as a nation become the world police? And where is China with the big bucks stand in all of this? And Russia? Oh yeah. They are the counties that always vote against the US and its allies in matters brought before the useless UN such as in Syria. Stop giving away our taxpayer dollars to others, bring our troops home and put the troops to work guarding our borders and assisting the Border Patrol. Use some of the money saved to get serious about alternative power sources and relieve the American public of their dependence on all foreign oil. Also, the savings could be used to put Americans back to work on our infrastructure, solar power on the rooftops of the majority of homes and bringing jobs back to America. I recently visited the mobile Viet Nam Mobile Memorial Wall that was setup in the city of Brea (Tri City Parks). It is very sad! Over 55 troops were killed, thousands wounded physically and/or mentally and I have no idea how many billions of dollars were spent. And for what? The American government is doing the same thing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do the people of these countries need assistance? I don't know but just as it was up the people in South Viet Nam to defend themselves, it is up to the people that reside in all countries to seek the type of government they want. Eventually we will leave these countries and at some point in time some memorial will be constructed in their honor. I will still be asking the same question then as I do for those that lost their lives in Viet Nam soldiers. For what? And yes, I am a Viet Nam veteran or as I was called as I walked through the terminal at San Francisco International Airport in full uniform, a baby killer and war monger. I do support our troops 100 percent. They are only doing as they are ordered. -- David Abney, Downey

********** Published: March 29, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 50