Too loud to talk

Dear Editor:Enjoying Mexican food, I waited in anticipation for the opening of the new Downey La Barca restaurant. I took my youngest son, as he was leaving for the Army, and a few of his friends for dinner. I found it a beautiful facility, but that's where it stopped for me. I endured a 45-minute wait inside the crowded restaurant. After seating I found the mariachi band so loud and annoying that we literally could not have a conversation. The service was very slow and the food was certainly not worth the 45 minute wait. I gauge my Mexican food on a small family-owned and operated restaurant, Don Chuy's, on Bellflower Boulevard in Bellflower. Sorry, La Barca, but I will not be dining with you anytime soon. -- Paul Anderson, Downey

********** Published: March 22, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 49