Traffic concerns

Dear Editor:Farrell's Ice Cream was awesome when it was here back in the 80s and has given us many memories. The new Farrell's is awesome as well - we just had my daughter's 16th birthday at the Mission Viejo location (we drove from Downey). What I am very concerned with is the potential location. The downtown Downey area has a lot of potential for many good things during its remodel, and Porto's Bakery is also great. With the city's proposal to put in a low-to-mid income apartment project in that area as well, nobody has ever addressed the issue of the terrible traffic problem on Firestone Boulevard that has already existed for many years, compounded and now streaming onto a once free-flowing Downey Avenue and other streets in the area. Parking and traffic has to be addressed. It is already a mess and constructed hasn't even started yet. I think the old Long's location in the Downey Landing would be absolutely perfect for a Barnes & Noble (no bookstores like this in Downey) or a Farrell's. -- Dawn Carrasco, Downey

********** Published: December 30, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 37