Trash service

Dear Editor:Am I the only one wondering about the separation of the water and trash bills? Was this at the behest of Calmet Services or the city of Downey? On the surface it seems innocent enough, but it could certainly increase the amount of trash lying about the city. How so? If a family is struggling to pay their utility bills, what is the last bill they are going to pay? Obviously the trash bills, since in a pinch they could do without trash pick-up. They could dispose of their trash in other ways, such as using a commercial dumpster. Or they could bag it, and take it to their place of employment. Another tactic might be to wait until trash pick-up day and then place it in a neighbor's partially-filled container. As for the green container, one could simply leave the grass clippings on the lawn. I don't think there is a law forcing a family to recycle, so they could just ignore the blue container. Everyone paid their bill before because everyone needed water but now Calmet is going to have trouble dealing with scofflaws. How will they force compliance? What is the law? Is there a legal requirement that people put their trash out? If a family states that they didn't generate any trash, can the authorities prove otherwise? Perhaps Lars Clutterham has the answers. In any event, this would seem to have the makings of a lose-lose situation for both Calmet Services and the city of Downey. Jack Russell Downey

********** Published: July 12, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 13