Tree removal

Dear Editor:This week, several trees along the eastern end of Foster Road have been summarily killed and removed without warning to area residents who enjoyed their shade and beauty. Moreover, we neighbors have no idea which official reason(s) determined this action (from Municipal Code, article VII, chapter 6, section 7607). Based on whose opinion, and how many experts were consulted? Once again, the city of Downey has decided to kill decades-old, seemingly healthy, pollution-reducing, oxygen-generating, beautiful shade trees without notifying residents. My neighbors and I simply woke up to find several trees destroyed, and several more marked for destruction without any system in place to consider the need for such destruction or alternatives. Are these trees going to be replaced with drought-tolerant California native trees such as the Western Redbud, Toyon, Desert Willow or Honey Mesquite, and native shrubs such as sages, redbuds and ceanothus? Or is our street going to be left barren, reducing property values and raising temperatures? Are more trees nearby marked for destruction? Nearby Lakewood respects trees, plans for their placement, cares for their well being and allows beautiful, large specimens to flourish into old age. Maybe I will move there and leave Downey in the hot, barren dust. I highly suggest the City Council implement a notification system in reference to tree removal in residential areas. Moreover, Downey needs a more environmentally conscious and responsible master plan for our "suburban forest." The current system of poor planning and indiscriminate destruction is outrageous! -- Myra Clark, Downey

********** Published: July 7, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 12