Tribute to Dr. Lewis

Dear Editor:I'll never forget Dr. Elmore Lewis. (Obituaries, 7/29/10) You stood tall, your voice so deep and strong, your calming expressions and smiles. You took care of me and my family for years. It seemed like you were available 24/7, always returning calls with the right answers, knowing what to do. I'll never forget the aquarium in the office dividing the sick side from the well side, so not to infect each other. The pictures of your patients, including my children, on the wall in the waiting area. Didn't wait for days for appointments and you didn't nag us for payment that day. And I still look at every green Jaguar car in case you're behind the wheel. Your name and style lives on in many discussions I have still today. You were the best. You were our doctor and you cared. You will always be missed. Thank you, Dr. Lewis, and god bless. -- Thomas Lee and family, Downey

********** Published: August 5, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 16