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Dear Editor:For those of you who are loyal Downey Patriot readers, we ask you to find our identity. We are a group of people from Downey, Calif., both men and women, all races and creeds, and we number 525 in a very exclusive membership. We are doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, authors, cops, business owners and homemakers. All of us have melded into society without you noticing us, but at one time, "We owned Downey". Since our formation, 46 of our group have passed on, some in their service to our country. Although we are not a secret society, our membership is closed and very exclusive. We had no cell phones, no lap tops, no texting, and no "sexting". In fact our phones had dials, and zip codes were unheard of. We were there when Stonewood was built, when Harvey's Broiler went up and when Wonder Bowl was constructed. We ate the millions of McDonald's burgers that they proudly advertise on their sign, before there ever was a Big Mac. We watched as they cleared ground on Paramount Boulevard for some school to be named for a Supreme Court Chief Justice. We were surrounded by orange groves and Brookshire went as far north as 6th St. We listened to Elvis, Johnny Mathis, The Platters and Dick Dale and the Dell Tones. Beetles were something you stomped on and music was music. No gangs, no drugs, just car clubs, Y-clubs, sports and more sports. Cars and more cars. "Political correctness" was to us truth, integrity, and honesty. We respected our parents, our teachers and all elders for their life experiences. We have formed friendships that lasted 50 years and still get together whenever we can. We also "owned" life guard station No. 3 at Huntington Beach and we surfed on Balsa Wood boards. We paid 21 cents a gallon for gas at the Mohawk gas station, on the corner of Bellflower and Lakewood. We dressed to the nines and definitely we didn't wear our pants down around our knees. Have you guessed yet? Here are some more hints. We believe in American values. We proudly salute the American Flag, and we pray, each in our own way. We honor our military men and women, and we thank them for their service to our country. Who are we? We are the Vikings, the "Mighty Mighty Vikings". Downey Senior High School Class of 1960. In October of this year we will celebrate our 50th anniversary since graduation. "Wow" some of you are saying. Why should we care, and who are these geezers and old codgers anyway? What did they ever do for this modern age? Well, our generation invented the cell phone, the computer, phone answering machines, push buttons this and that, and most of the comforts you enjoy today. We enclosed Stonewood Mall making it comfortable for you. We invented seat belts, air bags, ABS brakes and GPS. We went to the moon, built a space station and fought wars for our country. Specifically one of our class found the Titanic; that's right Dr. Bob Ballard was DSHS 60! Another member of the class furthered "Federal Law" all the way to the Supreme Court of this nation. DSHS 60 has a king, a senator, a famous storyteller, several renown authors, world travelers, and through it all we have remained close friends over these 50 years. During a three-day period, October 14-16 of this year, we are coming home to Downey. We will have a festive party, a golf tournament, and a gala formal reunion gathering, the likes of which have never been seen in this town! Once the festivities are over we will go back to being parents, grandparents, and resume being the patriots we have always been. But for those three days we will once again "own Downey." For further information please contact or go online to -- The Downey Senior High School Class of 1960 Reunion Committee

********** Published: October 7, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 25