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Dear Editor: I can’t pass this by – “Social Inequality,” Letters to the Editor, 10/16/14.

I am a “right winger” who cares about the poor and homeless. I do not pass them by and, after giving money, if convenient, I talk with them. I give to my church, who gives to the poor and just this past week people at my church met to discuss what we can do to help the homeless, etc.

If Ms. Campbell thinks there will ever be financial (social) equity, she’s living in a dream world. I sense her intense dislike for “right wingers.” Why is she not railing against George Sorros, Warren buffet, Bill Gates and other very rich “left wingers”? Of course, President Obama wants to redistribute wealth as he rides in Air Force 1, costing taxpayers $220,000 an hour, plus his security and all the money he costs the cities he visits to fundraise.

Of course, illegal children here must be educated plus fed, housed, clothed and given medical attention. In California, it takes over 1,000 days and pay for attorneys to process each illegal, so that’s about three years that we pay for each one. Just heard that 70 percent of illegals failed to show up for their hearing. Ninety percent of the children did not say it was drugs, violence, etc. that brought them here. They said it was that they thought they would receive amnesty (the Dream Act). Of course, Ms. Campbell, it’s always the U.S. to blame for their crooked politicians in other countries. Some possibility true, since we see the lies of deceit of our own government and we see how many people who come over are criminals and drug dealers who were paid $7,000 to bring children here.

To address the unemployed: she’s correct that some older people are losing jobs to the younger people. Also because coal mines are closed down, our President will not let the XL pipeline proceed and the job market is down. Also, many have had work hours cut because of Obamacare. Nevertheless, many do not want to work because they receive more from the government than working. Interesting how many whose unemployment insurance has run out now have disability insurance, which pays more and doesn’t run out.

Please explain how past presidents created “illegal immigration.” The fact is that the U.S. needs borders enforced. Other countries do, but the U.S. seems to think laws don’t matter. Also please explain how all the social nuances affect people on social welfare. To me, the things Ms. Campbell listed are what I call “life.”

Maybe Ms. Campbell would like to address the issue of Jan. 14, 2015. Cuba is lifting restrictions on travel, so any Cuban may immediately receive citizenship when coming to the U.S. They may make good citizens, but will require homes, food, education, English as a second language, healthcare and all that immigrants require. We can’t take in the whole world.

Obama will greatly increase the number of Syrians next year (after the election) for permanent resettlement in the U.S. reviewing more than 4,000 applications, up from dozens this year. The White House has approved permanent resettlement for up to 70,000 worldwide next year; large numbers will arrive in 2015. What does Ms. Campbell think about this?

My last question is, considering that Obama has put up $10 trillion in debt in six years, add the $8 trillion and what will be spent in the next two years, where is the money coming from to support and find jobs for all these people? Are you aware that Bill Gates has “imported” most of his workers from India because they work more cheaply than Americans? Does this not depress the economy and take U.S. jobs?

Elsa Van Leuven




Published: Nov. 6, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 30