Unsafe streets

Dear Editor:On Aug. 5, when I got home at 7 p.m., I checked the messages on my phone. My next door neighbor had left a message that my outside cat was lying in front of her porch as she did every day when two dogs mauled her and killed her. One was a pit bull or pit bull mix and the other was a smaller dog. Upon hearing the noise my neighbor went out and turned her water hose on the dogs, chasing them away. My neighbor then called SEAACA to pick up the bloody body. While waiting for SEAACA the dogs returned and were trying to rip the dead cat apart. She again chased them away with the water hose. At that time the owners showed up trying to round up the dogs. After a while they did get them. The people, a man and woman, tried to pay my neighbor off for the loss of the cat. Sounds like this has happened before to me! My neighbor told them the cat belonged to next door. They said they would leave a note, which they did not do. My neighbor told them the dogs were vicious and the woman agreed with her. This happened near Furman Park, where people with and without dogs walk every day. You can count on it that this won't be the last time these dogs will attack. Who, or what, will be next? These dogs now have the thrill of the kill. The only way to stop them is for them to be destroyed. I have given the police and SEAACA more information on the owners of the dogs. I gave up long ago walking my own dogs because they have been attacked twice. It's time to stand up for the right to safely walk on the streets of Downey. - Helen Burns, Downey

********** Published: August 14, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 17