Valentine's Day

DOWNEY - Cupid, hearts, flowers, chocolate, candy, cards, love, all of these things revolve around the perfect day most single people and guys dread, February 14, which is known as Valentine's Day. Is Valentine's Day really a day of love and romance or is it just a day in which females expect too much of their boyfriends or husbands and end up disappointed?Every February across the country gifts are exchanged between loved ones in the name of St. Valentine. The history behind the day of Valentine's Day is still for the most part a mystery that leads back to Christian and ancient Roman tradition. One legend says that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome under Emperor Claudius II. Valentine performed marriages for young lovers in secret after Claudius had outlawed that young men get married, because he believed that young men were better soldiers than those with wives, but soon Valentine was discovered and sentenced to death. According to another legend, Valentine was the first to send out a 'valentine' greeting to a young girl who he had fallen in love with while he was in jail. Before his death it is said that he wrote her a letter, and signed it 'From your Valentine'. These legends have come a long way and to be honest I think that the way most people chose to celebrate this special day has gone over board. Come January and girls already start to think about the next month to come, February, and start to image themselves indulged in chocolate, roses, teddy bears, and other gifts. February finally comes around and for some these things actually come true and others are left disappointed because their loved one did not pull through with there expectations. I sympathize with most guys that are in relationships, because they are left with the situation of "do or die" on this very day. Some guys completely forget about this day and others become train wrecks, trying to figure out what to do for their loved one. I remember a couple of year's back my friend's boyfriend completely forgot it was Valentine's Day and did not realize it until he got to school. He ended up taking away the gift his best friend had gotten her, since they were also good friends, and gave it to her claming it was from him. This so called holiday is becoming more of a "Hallmark" holiday. This "holiday" has become another business opportunity for jewelry, florists, and restaurants. The topic of Valentine's Day came up with my boyfriend and I mentioned to him that I did not mind not getting anything on this Valentine's. He looked at me with disbelief and was quick to accuse that it was all a "set up" and a "trick". Just look at what it has people doing. We do not need a special day like Feb. 14 to show and demonstrate our loved one we care about them. I know that I would rather spend Valentine's with my boyfriend doing something minor, than have him go out of his way to buy me something. It would be more romantic and more significant to receive a gift from a loved one on any other random day out of the year, when it is not an "obligation". ********** Published: February 6, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 42